Wisdom Is The Pathway To Happiness

Wisdom is the pathway to happiness.
It is the foundation of all our grace and patience.
It does not allow anger, resentment or victim hood.
Because wisdom means seeing beyond the appearance.

Wisdom is the awareness of the truth. The awareness of unconditional love for ourselves. There is no place for victims.
And in that unconditional love to ourselves, we find compassion for others. For their suffering that perhaps is similar to ours. For those playing small or nasty. And for those without beauty or dignity.

With wisdom we rise above the unwise. We cannot be touched by the unwise. We cannot be hurt by the unwise.

Wisdom Is The Pathway To Happiness

Our retreats focus on wisdom in all its shapes. From our beautiful minds to our beautiful emotions and bodies, to our beautiful experience that creates our own future.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on wisdom. What does it mean to you? And how do you express it?

With loving kindness.

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