I Refuse To Be Perfect. I Am A Gorgeous Work In Progress.

We can either conform to a society that bombards us with the pressure of being a perfect mum, friend, wife, entrepreneur… Look perfect, behave perfect, create perfect food, have the perfect kids, husbands, manners…
The list is longer than a day is!!

Please don’t fall for this. No one is perfect and the bar set in magazines, at fancy school drop-offs, charity events. Or even your house dinners are not healthy for you, nor will they ever make you happy.

Yes, you should strive for fulfilling your talents and desires but not at the cost of not feeling enough, feeling not adequate or less worthy if you’re not dressed up to tie according to your mum group’s rules. Or if your dinners are not the best in town. Or you don’t wear the trendiest brands or your husband is not the richest and you’re not the skinniest.

WR - I Refuse To Be Perfect. I Am A Gorgeous Work In Progress

You are only as happy and worthy as you think you are and as much as you respect your precious human life.
So own that shit.

Be grateful for all that you are. Be humble for what you have with dignity and grace.

You are enough. And you’re a work in progress.
Perfection is promised to the unhappy.


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