Here's to mothers, goddesses, lovers - all that women are!

We have not only worked with women for years but we are women ourselves, so we have a first-hand insight into the recurring issues you face.

Hear what our clients have told us so far:

  • Feeling unloved, unheard, stressed or anxious
  • Feeling like something is blocking your success and ability to achieve your goals
  • Worrying about body image, femininity or sexuality
  • Being exhausted by spending all one’s time on taking care of the family
  • Feeling depressed, eating unhealthily, not doing enough exercise, having poor sleep and having poor or no sex life

We’ve discovered simple yet life changing practices that help women feel complete, confident, sensual and successful.

Our 7-day retreat in Bali, dedicated to women, is your opportunity to learn how. It's easier than you think!

You will discover things about yourself that will transform your doubts into a passion. You will feel more relaxed; wiser in your decisions, laughing more and fearing less, feeling loved and supported and becoming more confident.

You will start a journey to reaching your full potential. We promise you, you won't look back in fear or doubt! You'll be moving forward with power, grace and love that will leave a mark on Earth.



Isiah workshop has been so powerful and empowering. I used to feel anxious or overwhelmed when it came to sex, Isiah and the beautiful women in the group helped me to open my mind and my heart to intimacy and self-discovery; to see it as a beautiful opportunity to connect with myself and, in the future, with a partner. I'm truly grateful for the love and support. 

I felt a lot of hesitation and reservation around exploring my sensual and sexual self. I think the wonderful thing about this course is that it has given me the tools to take what I've learnt and continue to practice and grow. I feel confident for the first time in a long time that I will get to where I want to be in this area.

Through Isiah’s workshop, a new part of myself was allowed to be discovered as I opened to my sensuality, a wholeness that felt powerful and real. Isiah holds a space that makes you feel safe to dive in, open up and let go. It truly was a life-changing experience and something I feel every woman should come home to.

Isiah creates a safe space for women to discover the possibilities and wonders of sexuality and tantra. I learned that I am not abnormal... I am beautiful and my desire is there still there. I now feel more confident, sexy and in touch with my body than before.

Isiah has held an amazingly nurturing space in her workshops. Her heartfelt approach to teaching and facilitating is obvious in her every word and action, and her openness allows one to feel safe in expressing without fear of judgement. Isiah’s Tantra workshops have helped both my partner and I to grow in our relationship and in our love for one and other. It has given us tools to take into our individual lives as well as into our love-life. The space Isiah holds during these sessions has been a perfect vehicle for the abundance of knowledge she holds and imparts.


Jane came to Duda with anxiety and depression that she had kept a secret for years. She was a director in a global company and like so many successful women, the mask she wore to work was not her true self. Despite having a good income and being able to enjoy the materialistic comforts such a lifestyle allowed, she was not happy. She constantly felt inadequate and vulnerable and was fearful that her weaknesses would show through. As a successful woman in a male-dominated industry, she also struggled with her femininity.

In her work with Duda, she focused on the emotions that were making her suffer: fear, anger, resentment, and loneliness. Once she recognised them, Duda introduced the simple Buddhist practice of spending 10 minutes a day in self-observation. After just 3 weeks, her relationships and self-beliefs began to improve, and she was able to focus on her dreams and desires.

All this came about through a change in her mindset. Using her self-confidence and wisdom, she found a new job that allowed her to travel - something she had always wanted in a job. Not long after that, she met her incredible husband. Jane still checks in with Duda periodically, to keep herself in check. It takes no time, but diligence is the key to free herself from pain!


Manuela was a really happy girl, with a great social network, a  supportive family and a really lovely partner. However, she was carrying with her some unhealthy beliefs that were blocking her success in her career. In her sessions with Duda, they worked on the understanding of karma, her limiting beliefs and freeing her mind from what was perceived as truth, yet were just perspectives from the various members of her family. She learnt how to detach herself from those beliefs, gaining new ways of seeing things. She also found wisdom in Buddhist teachings, in particular how to control her thoughts and choose those that served her positively. Since then, she has started a business, is expressing her creativity freely and is gaining success in established magazines. Fear of doing what she wanted seems like a thing of the past. And that's exactly what it is.

What our clients say

Isiah is a caring, mature and insightful woman who is genuinely passionate about helping people! She is a wealth of knowledge and has a wisdom that helps her manage a variety of situations and get individuals and couples back on track towards a happy, fulfilling life!


Isiah has the ability to empower women to talk about sex. During her workshop, the group of nervous women was transformed into a group of women confidently and openly discussing sex. Isiah creates a safe space for women to discover the possibilities and wonders of sexuality and Tantra. She has the knack to explain things like ‘different types of orgasms’ that are difficult to truly understand when written about in women’s magazines, simply and practically.


Isiah’s workshop was an amazing experience. I felt safe and supported through the entire process and the teachings and learnings are ones that I can take with me and call upon at any time. Isiah gives so much in this class. I always felt safe, listened to and that my journey was being honored no matter how I chose to do it! It never felt sleazy or scary – I felt really open to exploring.


Duda… where do I start. What a woman. She has an incredible knack for smoothing even the most turbulent times in your life whilst providing you with the wisdom to both savour and capture the moment. Be it in the office, as a mentor or a friend, life’s a lot better when Duda’s around.


Duda is a blast of fresh air. She possesses a strong intuitive abilities and is not afraid to speak the truth as she sees it. Everyone needs a Duda in their life to get them to confront what they’ve been hiding from- and truly own the life they want. If I could, I’d shrink Duda and put her in my handbag because well, everyone needs a Duda in their life!


“I will stir your shit so you can see the sunshine. So better be ready!’ – this is more or less what Duda said to me before sitting on her white leather couch. And these were not just the words. Duda does really makes you see the truth and the solutions to your problems. Love her ‘no bullshit’, natural, genuine and passionate attitude to you and your shit. She was a friend before that and even better one after it.