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You know how our life can change just in one moment? We meet a special person, someone we love dies, we lost our job…? Imagine what a week of grounded spiritual teachings can do for you. Think loving yourself enough to finally go to Bali, to finally devote the entire time to no one else than yourself. To eat great food, to get a healing massage, to have a peaceful conversation with a healer, to meditate. And to learn Buddhist teachings explained so simply, to have a body image teacher helping you love your body and gaining confidence. Imagine having a Buddhist teacher going through it all with you 24/7, crying, laughing, understanding, sharing & most of all make you leave CHANGED. COMPLETE. REJUVENATED FROM INSIDE OUT. SMILING. WITH NEW FRIENDS AND A SPIRITUAL TEACHER FOR LIFE.

self love

I remember how retreats changed my life. I’ve done this so many times. I didn’t care what others thought of me when I packed my stuff to hike the Atlas Mountains on my own. Or when I left for Bali and closed the door for a month. Or when I booked myself alone to a monastery in Nepal. Each of those retreats changed into a force of energy that sparks everyone around me. Morocco brought me my business direction. Nepal turned me into a Buddhist teacher. And Bali brought me the love of my life that married me within a year.


As a thank you for the wisdom this has all given me, I give back.

I pour my wisdom, my mind, my energy, my heart, my compassion and my leadership to give back to women like you, like me.

We are beautiful, precious, strong but we must learn to look after ourselves.

We must learn to enjoy our days. This is self love. This is what moves the world with our power of love. We can only give what we have. Have you got enough self love within you?

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