Why are retreats better than vacations?
The purpose of a holiday is to relax and recharge. A vacation is quite simply a time off from everyday routine, whereas every aspects of a retreat—including location, accommodation, food, facilities, professional consultations, and activities—are all in line with what you are seeking to achieve; hence, the benefits of retreats are much more impactful.
Why should I do this retreat?
Through our passion of sharing simple, spiritual practices, we help women reconnect with their wise and strong self.

  • You will immediately discover things about yourself that are crucial for your happiness.
  • You will feel relaxed; laugh more, suffer less, feeling loved and supported and becoming more joyful in all aspects of your life.
Why is the retreat is so expensive?
In Bali, you get what you pay for and as you’re here to relax, we wanted to provide you with a top quality venue to do that in. The package is also all inclusive, so there is nothing to pay from when you arrive to when you leave and includes:

  • Airport transfers to and from the venue in Ubud
  • Healthy refreshments on arrival
  • A welcome goodie-bag for all ladies
  • Accommodation in a beautifully designed villa, with a pool, kitchen and spacious living areas
  • A quiet and breath-taking venue located between the jungle and the rice fields
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) made by a top-notch Balinese/Western chef’s team
  • A full 5-day carefully planned schedule: meditation, yoga, individual and group coaching sessions, time to relax, workshops on femininity and sexuality
  • Daily excursions with experienced guides
  • 2 onsite holistic Balinese massages
  • Healing session with Balinese healers
  • Attentive onsite staff available at all times
  • Two free follow up couple sessions, with Duda (within 6 months of the retreat) – Worth USD 1,000

Finally, this is not just a holiday, but a retreat. The value of the coaching sessions alone, is AUD 5,000.

What should I do before booking my retreat?
We know that booking this retreat is a big deal and needs to be carefully considered. Please think about the following, before you make your booking:

  • Downloaded our brochure.
  • Checked your calendar. Are the available retreat dates suitable for you?
  • Checked flight availability and prices to Denpasar, Bali
  • Make sure your philosophy aligns with ours. Express your Interest and log an enquiry or give us a call.
What is Buddhism and why do I learn it at your retreat?
Buddhism is a philosophy where we learn to understand our mind and get more control of how we react to life, in particular it’s challenges. We won’t bog you down with the heavy, complex side of it. The aim is to introduce you to meaningful ways to find peace with yourself. Buddhism is such a beautiful way to become wiser and more beloved from within, so you can create thrive in both your life purpose and your relationships.
Do I need to be a Buddhist to be able to attend?
Not at all. Buddhism is philosophy to achieve wisdom, not a religion. We don’t force any of it on you, but you do need to come with an open mind, in order to work on your emotions and new ways to approach your life.
What is Tantra?
Tantra is form of yoga and meditation and a beautiful set of spiritual teachings that originated in India.

Tantra teaches us to be fully present. It helps us become deeply connected with ourselves, embrace our sensual nature and experience more loving intimacy with a partner.

Tantra can sometimes involve sexual practices, though there’s a lot more to it than that. Tantra can be practiced alone or with a partner.

I don’t currently have a partner, is Tantra still useful for me?
Tantra is a spiritual practice that was originally practiced alone. The exercises that I’ll share in this workshop are primarily for you to use on your own, though I will also explain how you can include a partner if you wish. Many of the women who come to my workshops are single and love learning Tantra purely for their own benefit.
I’m not very flexible, will I be able to do Tantra?
Yes, absolutely. Tantra can be done by anyone regardless of their flexibility, fitness or experience with yoga. We won’t be doing anything physically strenuous or acrobatic.



What is the program format?
Over the 5 days, you will have individual and group sessions with both Duda and Isiah.
What if I am an introvert and I don’t like to share things in the group?
That is totally fine. We make you feel safe from day one. Isiah is the kindest and warmest person you’ll meet and Duda is a highly sensitive extrovert with shy moments herself. They are the first ones to share their challenges and joy so you will feel comfortable in opening up.
While we encourage everyone to share, we are also mindful of individual needs. If you wanted to be quiet in the workshops, you have all the freedom to do so. In our private sessions, Duda and Isiah are trained experts who come with lots of compassion and warmth.
What if I don’t feel the sessions are needed but I want to attend the retreat?
There is little point to attend if you don’t want to do the program. Of course, you can be our guest but why wouldn’t you want to learn more about yourself?
I feel really uncomfortable talking about sex, will there be group discussion about this?
There is no requirement for you to speak about sex at all. It’s really common for women to feel nervous when they come along to my workshops for the first (or even second time). I’ll do most of the talking but will sometimes ask if anyone in the group has a question or experience they would like to share. It’s most important to me that you feel comfortable in this workshop, so you can participate just as much as feels comfortable for you.
Will this include nudity or any sexual activity?
There is absolutely no nudity on the retreat. Tantra is easily practised with your clothes on.

In Tantra, we focus on feelings of connection to ourselves and exploring sensuality. In this retreat, you’ll be learning ways that Tantra can help you feel more sensual, intimate and connected to yourself.

If you do decide to take Tantra into the bedroom it can help you increase pleasure, feel more connected and reignite passion, however, there is no pressure to do this at all. There will be no sexual activity in the workshop. For those who are interested, I’ll explain ways you can do that as homework – both as a solo practice or with a lover.

What support and services are available after the retreat finishes?
Duda provides a number of online courses and programs through her business Kick Ass Muse and all retreat participants will receive free access to her Little School of Buddhism with discounted rates on 1-1 coaching. She would love to keep working with you on your journey towards wisdom and happiness.
Isiah also provides ongoing coaching for all retreat participants. She would love to work with you to improve your relationship and sex life and will be happy to discuss this in more detail at the retreat, or afterwards.



When does the retreat start and finish?
Our retreats start at midday on a Sunday, so we’ve included accommodation for arrival on Saturday. That way, you can settle in and be ready for the morning!

The retreats finish at midday on the following Saturday. If your flight leaves late that night, we will be happy to organise a late check out, so you can stay onsite until you have to leave for the airport.

Is this venue quiet and safe?
Yes, our venue is located amongst the rice paddies, in a peaceful area, just 15 mins from central Ubud. Bali is a safe island, known for its blissful energy and stress-free vibe. The community is respectful towards visitors.
What happens when we land in Bali airport?
Our drivers will be waiting for you at the exit displaying your name. We will also provide them with your mobile number and they will get in touch if needed. You will be safely transferred to the venue.
If we arrive late at night, how do we get our villa allocated?
The reception staff will be awaiting for you and will escort you to your villa; no matter what time you’re arriving. We will also be there in case of any issues.
What time is check in and check out?
As most flights arrive in Bali quite late at night, our retreat programs start at midday on a Sunday – your accommodation and airport pick-up on the Saturday is therefore included in the package.
The retreat finishes at midday on Saturday and as your flight may depart late that night, you can stay with us right up until the time you leave. Airport transfer from the retreat to the hotel is also included in the package.



What is an astrology reading?
We offer a complimentary reading for you from one of our favourite astrologist that did ours too and has totally blown us away with the accuracy. Astrology has nothing to do with foreseeing the future, but a lot to do with your personalities. If you dislike astrology hugely, you don’t need to order it; its a gift from us, for those who want it.
What is law of Attraction?
That’s a good question and a hot topic nowadays. Law of Attraction is a one of the spiritual laws by which – in a nutshell – we attract what we think.
In this course, we will learn simple practices whereby you can understand why and how this law works, how you can attract people, results and your desires by the way you think and where your focus is. Removing doubt and the belief that all needs to be gained by hard work and hustle is one of the main breakthroughs you will receive in this course. Law of Attraction is seen as the joyful fraction of positive thinking that Buddhism covers, except it is focused on gratitude, feeling joyful and fulfilling our desires in a lighter and stress-free way.
This law is also very much linked to physics but we won’t be going onto this realm.