Don’t “Make Up” Yourself Pretty. “Feel Up” Yourself Pretty.

No matter what weight you lose, or gain. What dress you wear or lipstick you choose…
You will never be prettier than how you feel about yourself.

I’ve spent my entire life on diets, watching my food. Each year when I look at my photos, I see a beautiful, striking and really interesting girl.
The next thing that pops to my mind is, I wish I felt this way when I looked like that.
And with each year passing, here I was doing the same mistake again.

In the present moment, I, like many women out there, make myself look pretty.

But we haven’t yet learned to feel ourselves pretty.

Don't Make Up Yourself Pretty - Feel Up Yourself Pretty

The truth is, as long as your mind and heart don’t feel you, you won’t ever be (pretty or anything else). Beauty comes from within not just in who we are as people. It comes from the being, with our minds and hearts. Not with a costume we put on, feeling empty inside and hiding the girl who always feels like never good enough.


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