Duda’s Story

I used to measure my success in life by the achievements I made as an entrepreneur and the money that I made. However, I was unhappy and that reflected in my (hidden) body image issues, anxiety and unhappy relationships.

I was constantly putting myself under pressure of not being beautiful enough, not having enough or not moving fast enough. With Buddhism, I learnt how to love myself just the way I am. I also began to understand my mind and how I can to control my (negative) thoughts. The acceptance of my vulnerability and who I am inside resulted in wisdom, compassion and patience. I no longer live in fear or anxiety, nor do I feel the dread of ‘never being enough’.  

Today I live with my partner and two step sons in sunny Australia, where we run businesses together. We’re surrounded by peace, abundance and kindness. 


Why Ubud

I love Bali, particularly Ubud. In May 2016, I was living in London and travelled to Ubud for a month – to retreat from the noise of the western world. I didn’t stop running my business, but I committed to detachment from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life.

I found the healing and creating energy of the region truly transformative. I met amazing healers who made me aware of my abilities and encouraged me to continue on the journey that I was on. More importantly, 10 days after my arrival, not looking for one, I met my soul mate Alex. I haven’t stopped smiling since!

Ubud is also the spiritual, healing centre of Bali and I know first hand how strong this energy is and what it can do for you.



About the Venue

I’m no newbie to Bali or its people and have put a great deal of effort into finding the perfect place to host our retreats.

Situated just 15 minutes outside of Ubud, set between rice paddies and the jungle, the villa features an on-site restaurant, swimming pool, yoga patio, relaxing living areas for us all to share, as well as space for your own privacy, or to enjoy your treatments. The venue has carefully designed furniture by the owner and each bedroom has its own Balinese styled ensuite.

So why this venue? In addition to it’s energy of peace and happiness, we fell in love with the owners. Oka and Dayu are not only a Balinese couple that share our values around the importance of family, but their kindness and attention to detail really won us over. We consider Oka and his team to be part of our retreat team.